14th Gathering of the Crucial Dialogues Society

I’m really thrilled to be able to organize this Summer the 14th Gathering of the Crucial Dialogues Society quite unexpectedly animated by my ‘third father’ dr. Charles ‘Leroy’ Palmgren. The theme of this day is:

People Serving People

Empowered by Creative Interchange.

Creative Interchange as the process of Leadership and Service is more critical now in our rapidly changing and ambiguous world than ever before.

The great recent work of Frederic Laloux (‘Reinventing Organizations’) and Otto Scharmer (‘U Theory’) are showing us a path forward for organizational and societal systems. The question then arises: Who do we need to be in order to put these powerful new ideas into place? What skills, tools, awareness, and capacities do we need within us as the people who will facilitate transformation in business, government, education, and society?

The Creative Interchange Process was first introduced by Charlie’s mentor dr. Henry Nelson Wieman (Man’s Ultimate Commitment’) and is the key to ‘Becoming a Leader through Becoming Yourself’. Charlie Palmgren has been working with this ‘mother’ process of all learning and transformation for almost fifty years. He added to the thinking of Henry Nelson Wieman the necessary conditions needed for the Creative Interchange Process to thrive. On top of that, his approach provides a “skill set” that equips us to be truly transformational leaders, managers, business owners, and coaches in today’s world.

Charlie is co-author of ‘The Chicken Conspiracy’ and author of ‘The Ascent of the Eagle’ and is working on the third book in this series: ‘The Decent of the Dove’. All books about Birds, I hear you say… Learning the Creative Interchange Process is ‘Learning to Fly!’.  By the way, the series started with a poem from the ‘Songs of the Bird’ of Anthony de Mello SJ. Here you can hear Charlie narrating a beautiful metaphor-story, build upon a paragraph of ‘Man’s Ultimate Commitment’ of Charlie’s mentor, dr. Henry Nelson Wieman:

The Bird in the Cage

From this one-day event on, you will be able to further develop your skills and capacities for awareness, appreciation, creativity and commitment so that you’re able to step into effective, sustainable and transformational action. In other words: “You will fly, once again!”

You will discover how to navigate both challenges and opportunities by reconnecting with your innate capacity to trust, be open, curious, embrace uncertainty and ambiguity, connectivity, creativity, and tenacity when collaborating and co-creating with others.

This unique event will take place at:

Ter Heide, Tragelstraat 2, 9971 Lembeke

On July 7th from 900 till 1700 hours.

Investment, since Charlie has left his Consultancy fee in the States, the usual Euro: 250,- (Vat excluded; Refreshments, drinks, a genuine ‘Ter Heide’ lunch and the final networking drink @ Christine’s place included).

We’re going to have a great day! So Join Us!

To join, send an e-mail to lccb@telenet.be with your name, company name and VAT number.