The Chicken and the Eagle

Charlie Palmgren’s first book, with co-author and business partner at that time Stacie Hagen, ‘The Chicken Conspiracy, Breaking the Cycle of Personal Stress and Organizational Mediocrity’ starts with a quiz: “Are you a Chicken or an Eagle?” and a story: The Golden Eagle by Antony de Mello SJ.

The intriguing question on the cover of the book ‘Are you an eagle or a chicken?’ is an ‘or’ question and ‘The Farmer and his Zen Master’ story taught us, that it therefor can have only one valid answer: Yes! We were born an eagle and we’re gradually slip sliding away into a chicken state. What’s more, the title of the book reveals that there is a conspiracy among the chickens to keep the eagle in each of us hidden within the chicken.

In following marvelous video Charlie Palmgren narrates his unique paraphrase of Antony de Mello’s thought provoking story.



Re-dis-covering and re-living the Creative Interchange Process is indeed a transformation, from Chicken back to Eagle! The aim of the game of our endeavors, including the upcoming 14th Gathering of the Crucial Dialogue Society, can be pinpointed by one of Charlie’s incredible sayings: “Teaching People What They’ve Always Known, So They Can Discover What They Never Lost!”

This new lesson in the series ‘Learning to Fly’ will take place at:

Ter Heide, Tragelstraat 2, 9971 Lembeke

On July 7th 2016 from 900 till 1700 hours.

Investment, since Charlie has left his Consultancy fee in the States, the usual Euro: 250,- (Vat excluded; Refreshments, drinks, a genuine ‘Ter Heide’ lunch and an extended final networking drink @ Christine’s place included).

We’re going to have a great day! So Join Us!

To join, e-mail to with your name, company name and VAT number.

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